Pizzabook Featured in the Unlike Exhibition in Chapelle des Augustins – Poitiers (France)

Unlike Exhibition 2016 in France

Pizzabook is thrilled to announce that we will be on display at the Unlike Exhibition in Chapelle des Augustins – Poitiers (France) from 2 to 26 February, 2016, curated by Thomas Cheneseau.

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César Escudero Andaluz (Linz)

Erica Lapadat-Janzen (Vancouver)

Anthony Antonellis (New York)

Grégory Chatonsky (Montréal / Paris)

Raphaël Isdant (Paris)

Felipe Rivas San Martin (Santiago)

Carrie Gates (Saskatoon)

Benjamin Grosser (Chicago)

Antonin Laval (Paris)

Kaja Cxzy Andersen (Brooklyn)

Clift N. Anthony aka Bored Lord (Phoenix)

Milo Reinhardt & Conan Lai (Montréal)

Jonas Lund (Amsterdam)

Unlike is an exhibition designed by Thomas Cheneseau, media artist and curator, that present the issue of social networks and digital identity in terms of artistic diversions. The show brings together for the first time, a selection of international artists who appropriate Facebook in their work.

The project is a request from the French Ministry of Culture (DRAC Poitou-Charentes) and supported by Espace Mendes France and Réseau Canopé.

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How to Update Pizzabook in Chrome

The code for Pizzabook gets updated from time to time, so it is good to know how to update your installation of Pizzabook when it is ready. When you have Stylish and Pizzabook installed, you will see a small “S” icon to the right of your URL bar. If there is a little white number at the bottom of the “S” icon, it means there is an update.

To update Pizzabook, click on the Stylish browser bar icon and select “Manage installed styles”, then select “Check for Update” to get the latest version.

How To Update Pizzabook in Chrome
How To Update Pizzabook in Chrome