Pizzabook is mad easy to set up. You should totally do it. Like, right freaking now.

How to Install Pizzabook

  1. Check that your Chrome browser is up to date:
  2. Install Stylish (free Chrome extension):
  3. Install Pizzabook from the Userstyles website:
  4. Enable the glory of Pizzabook as follows:
    • Microwave last night’s pizza
    • Grab your bevvie of choice
    • Activate Stylish in your Chrome extensions
    • Enable Pizzabook within Stylish
    • Hit up your Facebook account for a fun & fresh good time

How to Update Pizzabook

How To Update Pizzabook in Chrome
How To Update Pizzabook in Chrome

Click the pic for totally outdated instructions on how to update Pizzabook with the Stylish Chrome browser extension!

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Geez. Who is Responsible for This Gooey, Sticky Interweb CSS Cheese?

Carrie Gates, Creator of Pizzabook
Carrie Gates, Creator and Benevolent CSS Overlord of Pizzabook

Pizzabook was created by me, Carrie Gates. Wheeeee! I also like olives.

Pizzabook Release Notes

Current Release: Pizzabook Version 2.0

(January 6, 2016)

  • added crusty bread to top icon shelf and adjusted pepperoni hover slabs
  • fixed search bar input background colour
  • added green peppers to top header nav bar
  • touched up green pepper buttons all over the site
  • minor News Feed detailing
  • updated image hover rotations

Pizzabook Version 1.6 Release Notes

(December 4, 2013)

  • adjusted messaging area to reflect new facebook design changes
  • typographical alignment updates
  • icon adjustment in “shared with” list in timeline posts
  • animated smoke added to default chat button and misc list views
  • green peppers added to Page admin area tooltips
  • black olives added to Page Admin areas
  • improved Friend Request feed

Pizzabook Version 1.5 Release Notes

(April 28, 2013)

  • adjusted messaging area to reflect new facebook design changes

Pizzabook Version 1.4 Release Notes

  • adjusted messaging area to reflect new facebook design changes
  • enhanced image hover effects on news feed
  • right hand column adjustments

Pizzabook Version 1.3 Release Notes

  • improved typography
  • messaging layout fixes

Pizzabook Version 1.2 Release Notes

  • improved layout and detailing for messaging, news feed, groups
  • fly-in and fade animations of tooltips and loading content

Pizzabook Version 1.1 Release Notes

  • improved text layering
  • removed gradient on photos page thumbnail hover
  • improved white block in photos page thumbnails
  • added black transparency to page admin area
  • padding added to mushroom body wrapper
  • added animated salami image styling to news feed
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